• Allweiler Centrifugal Pumps

The NTT, NBT and NIT product series are ideal for moving mineral-based thermal oils. Their mechanical seals are located behind a heat barrier, where they are protected from high temperatures. The result is that simple standard gaskets (antimony-carbon/SiC) have a very long service life when used in the pumps. All three types are also available as two stage versions with the same external dimensions, making them ideal for small flow rates with high delivery head.

The ALLHEAT series gives plant operators centrifugal pumps that were designed specifically for high-temperature applications employing low-viscosity heat carriers like synthetic thermal oils and hot water. These pumps have unrivalled versatility; they forgo external cooling and are extraordinarily durable in continuous operation. Very little heat is lost by the entire system and maintenance intervals are usually longer than twelve months even when operated continuously under difficult conditions. The CBWH and CIWH series are the world's only block-type pumps with an air-cooled shaft seal that pump hot water above 183 °C/361 °F without external cooling. Due to their maximum oil temperature of 400 °C/752 °F, CTWH, CBWH, and CIWH 350°C/662 °F are also ideal for modern applications like solar power stations.

Allweiler Centrifugal Pumps

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