Safety Valve Servicing

  • We provide two kinds of testing - Nitrogen and Water.
  • We applied API 576 & 527 standard to test Conventional PSV.
  • We do Set Pressure Adjustment, Pop Test, Lapping and Overhaul for all kinds of brand.
  • Complete with Test Certificate (ISO 9001 or SAMM).
Safety Valve
Control Valve

Control Valve Servicing

  • We do Calibration, Lapping, Overhaul and Leak Test.
  • We specialized in GE Masoneilan, ARI Armaturen and more.
  • Complete with Test Certificate (ISO 9001).

Manual Valve Servicing

  • We do Body Test, Shell Test and Leak Test to meet Waterworks standard.
  • We change new seat and packing.
  • Complete with Test Certificate (ISO 9001).
Manual Valve


  • We change diaphragm for control valve.
  • We change parts for pneumatic and electric actuators.

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