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  Malaysia Valves Supplier - Encord Sdn Bhd is a locally incorporated company established in September 1997 with the objective to participate in the engineering supply business for all sector and industries.

Our products is including wide range of control valves equipments and our established customers include Oil and Gas, Petro-Chemical Plants, Shipyards, Process and General Industries. Key factors growth of ENCORD are the investment in people and skills. We are trying to satisfied our customers need with the superior quality and services

Encord Sdn Bhd

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Selangor Darul Ehsan

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  Control Valves Equipment - Control Valves   Control Valves Equipment - Electric Actuator
As Malaysia control valves equipments supplier encord is offering control valves for industrial, processing technology and also plant manufacturing We also provide the electric actuator for industrial installation , processing technology, plant manufacturer and even for heating facilities and air conditional facilities.
* Control Valve ARI-STEVI 405
* Control Valve ARI-STEVI 440
* Control Valve ARI-STEVI 470ANSI
* Control Valve ARI-STEVI 485/487
* Electric Actuator ARI-PACO
* Electric Actuator ARI-PREMIO
* HKC Electric Actuator
* Multiturn Electric Actuator
Control Valves Equipment - Ball Valves Control Valves Equipment - Butterfly Valves
Ball valves are durable and usually work to achieve perfect shutoff even after years of disuse. They are therefore an excellent choice for shutoff applications. A butterfly valve is a type of flow control device, used to regulate a fluid flowing through a section of pipe. The valve is similar in operation to a ball valve.
* Straight Through Ball Valve
* Two Way Ball Valve
* Three Way Ball Valve
* Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
* Lug Type Butterfly Valve
* PTFE-Lined Butterfly Valve
* Wafer Type Butterfly Valve
* High Butterfly Butterfly Valve
Control Valves Equipment - Safety Valves Control Valves Equipment - Pneumatic Actuator
Safety valveis a valve mechanism for the automatic release of gas or steam. They are often called by more specific names such as pressure relief valves, T&P valves, or temperature and pressure relief valves. Pneumatic actuator converts energy (in the form of compressed air, typically) into motion. The motion can be rotary or linear. Some types of pneumatic actuators include:
* ARI-SAFE Safety Valve EN ISO 4126-1
* ARI-SAFE Safety Valve TRD721
* ARI-SAFE Safety Valve ANSI BR900
* ARI-SAFE Safety Valve TCP BR960
* ARI-SAFE Safety Valve TCS BR 950
* Pneumatic Actuator - Tie Rod Cylinders
* Compact Air Cylinders Actuator
* Rotary Pneumatic Actuators
* Pneumatic Actuator - Grippers
* Escapement mechanisms
* Rodless Pneumatic Actuators


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